I am Bregje Raaijmakers, a Dutch freelance illustrator, based near Eindhoven.
Basically, I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. So I ended up going to art school. I gained my experience at 2 different academies of Fine Arts – one in Tilburg, the Netherlands and one Arendonk, Belgium. I’ve been a drawing teacher, a customised art-workshop teacher and an illustrator for years.
I love drawing and illustrating and I like using pencils and markers and experimenting with different kinds of paper. My love for collage often comes together in collage illustrations. My illustrations are characterised by dynamic lines. I tend to use contrasts in texture and form, but also in black and white. I am not afraid, though, of using colours. I create illustrations for books and magazines and my own handmade products. I am good at working with creative concepts and in creative teams.

Apart from drawing I love cooking healthy (and not so healthy) meals for my family, writing postcards to friends, doing yoga, meditating, buying gifts for friends and family, making window drawings, sitting in the sun, collecting nice inspirational images from magazines, checking Instagram, reading books, creating collages.

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